About Us

Serving Since 2017

 We Take Great Pride in What We Do For Our Clients and Their Families

We work hard to ensure everyone involved with the process is well-taken care of. Our families are given the same love and caring as if they were our own.

Our History

Our Name

Integrity Transport Services opened for business in February of 2017 by Jerry and Debbie Walden.

After working part-time in some of the area Funeral Homes, Jerry & Debbie quickly realized the need for a transportation service. The idea was a fairly new concept, but it soon became a recognized business throughout all of East TN.

Integrity Services has grown rapidly since 2017 and now has a cold storage facility, full and part-time staff, and several recovery & transportation vehicles.


It has become an opportunity to be the best first impressions for our clients and our goal to leave a lasting impression on our families with care and true compassion for their loss. We strive to comfort and assure the families their loved ones will be respected and cared for as they are given to our care.

We chose our company name mainly for the word “Integrity.” The “Concept of Integrity” is the concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, trust, measures, principles, expectations, morals, and outcome in one’s actions.

All of which has given us the spirit of
“A Servant Heart.”

We are locally owned and operated. We have lived in this area most of our lives serving our community.

30+ Years of Experience

We work with County Medical examiners on crime scenes, we provide removal and transportation.

Due to our specialized training (30+ years EMS), we can go out to scenes of motor vehicle accidents with fatalities, fire fatalities, etc.

We provide Cold Storage/morgue space for Funeral Homes and medical facilities in an overflow situation or if they have equipment failure of their coolers/morgue.

We work with the EMA, should a disaster occur we can provide a larger temporary morgue, our facility can provide a space for body identification and for the doctors, Law Enforcement Agencies and Medical Examiners to work out of.